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Rheology – Surface Chemistry and More........

A set up in India in direct association with Goettfert and Dataphysics, attending to the local distribution of High – Precision Instruments and providing product support. GDi is customer centric with precision instruments and high level support with experienced sales and service team. 

In the year of 1962, when rheology was an unknown quantity, GOETTFERT delivered its first Melt Indexers and Capillary Rheometers. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of rheological testing equipment for thermoplastic, thermosetting plastics and rubber.
Goettfert is focused on “Satisfying the needs of our customers”

Dataphysics-A reciprocal partnership with research, academia and industry.

DataPhysics Instruments GmbH is recognized as a responsive, empathetic and reliable partner for customers in both research and industries. Dataphysics offers innovative solutions to the complex And varied techniques of surface science measurement.

DataPhysics - the road to accurate, precise and applicable, analysis and results.

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Goettfert-Dataphysics Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.
P – 84A, C.I.T. Road
Scheme – IVM
Calcutta – 700 010

P:+91 33 23630025
M: +91 9339867536

Major Products

  • Melt Flow Indexer / Capillary Rheometer
  • Extruders
  • Viscoelastograph / Mooney Viscometer
  • Surface Tensiometer
  • Contact Angle Meter
  • Particle Counter
  • Ultrasonicator
  • Chiller and Circulator